Welcome to all our new members this month. Feel free to attend the monthly meetings as its a good way to meet, discuss symptoms and basically get a break from the norm.

Any crafty people out there who would be willing to show off their hobbies and maybe show the group how its done, please get in touch as we like to add these to our agenda. This month (7th November) Paul will bring his Iris Folding to the group, so if you like the sound of that please come and you may even leave with your own hand made Christmas card.

The following is a summary of relevant article/research links provided in October by Facebook members.Β  Please click on the article name to open and read it.

Articles / Blogs

Novel Insights into Overtraining Syndrome

It’s time for doctors to apologise

Chronic inflammation removes motivation

Cannabis Pain Patch

Mummying and ME

Norwegian 2-Day ME/CFS Exercise Study

Power Units Inside Our Cells

Views of a Practice Nurse

Nasal Congestion

Chronic Fatigue and Gulf War Syndrome

Members posts / local support discussions

  • Pain relieve
  • Chair Yoga
  • The secret life of Fascia
  • ME Services not fit for purpose
  • Magnesium for Depression
  • Anesthesia recommendations for CFS/ME
  • More pain on humid days
  • Stroll in the Park

Memes / Pictures

Myself and the committee would like to thank Kim Jakobsen for all the hard work and effort she has put into setting up and running of the blog. Kim has decided to a take step back for a well earned rest and now I will be doing my best to keep the blog at Kim’s high standards. So Kim Thank you from us all ! xxx

Take care and gentle hugs to you all John B (Web Support), E-mail: John@dgmefm.org.uk😊.