4th March 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

We will take Dr Nina Muirhead’s excellent ME/CFS Continuing Professional Development module together.

An initial step in health and social care staff training to be promoted locally between Action for ME and ourselves is a recently developed online module for health professionals about ME/CFS.

The CFS/ME Research Collaborative’s Medical Education Group which is led by Dr Nina Muirhead (an NHS consultant with M.E.) has launched in partnership with StudyPRN an online course for medical professionals about ME/CFS.

This has been a team effort with members of the group comprising medical professionals with an interest in the condition, charity representatives including the ME Association, Physios 4 ME, and the CMRC Patient Advisory Group.

The online course is in the form of a number of case studies. It can be taken by anyone with an interest in ME/CFS, will count towards continuing professional development (CPD) and result in a certificate.

GPs and other healthcare professionals will read case studies that aim to typify the kind of patients who may or may not display symptoms of ME/CFS, and will then be asked to decide what those symptoms might be indicating, what diagnosis is appropriate and what management advice and/or medications to consider.

If they select wrong answers, then the module will explain why those answers are wrong and suggest what things they might have missed as well as indicating the correct answer. It also touches on Fibromyalgia and the overlap, as well as giving an example of Long-covid.

The hope is that participants come away from the course with more knowledge about ME/CFS than they had before, and that we can help increase medical education and awareness.

For our March 4th Meeting you too will have the option of taking the course using Zoom’s screensharing feature. You then will be able to tell your health professionals about it.

Online Get-Together – ME/CFS Training Module

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