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See the Newsletter page for our September 2017 Newsletter and ‘Gift Day’ appendix, and for earlier issues.

Click here for our video on how to access the first floor meeting room at Dumfries Midsteeple.

Members Feedback Questionnaire 2017

We wish to thank all DGMEFM Network members who completed the members feedback questionnaire. Feedback Aims: To be able to target our energy, time and resources on the things that matter most to members; Make informed funding applications; and Speak



The AGM will take place on 5th October 2017 in the meeting room at Midsteeple Box Office, Dumfries from 1pm to 2pm. Entry is through the blue Box Office door.  We use the first floor meeting room and there’s full


August 2017 Facebook Blog

As we enter September there is a definite nip in the air.  If like me you find your body thermostat is wonky, the start of the cold weather will hit you hard, so try and remember to layer up. Thank


Members Feedback Questionnaire

Thank you to all the members who have completed their return online or on paper.  Please remember to complete and return by Friday 25th August 2017. Your feedback will help us target our energy, time and resources on the things


July 2017 Facebook Blog

Welcome to August and for registered members, the receipt of our feedback questionnaire which we would be very grateful for members to complete.  Although this has been provided in paper format, completing this online would really help us out as


June 2017 Facebook Blog

Welcome to July and the start of School holidays. If you are interested in helping with the creation of the monthly Facebook blog, please email Kim (Secretary) at: kim@dgmefm.org.uk. 😊 Articles / Blogs One of the biggest myths about chronic fatigue


6th July 2017 monthly meeting with Action For ME

For the July meeting, Theresa and April from Action For ME will be in attendance.  As well as explaining what they do, they are keen to listen about health care experiences (NHS or private) and improvement suggestions from members.  We


May 2017 Facebook Blog

A big thank you to the Network members who brought awareness to shoppers visiting Tesco Extra, Cuckoo Bridge, Dumfries on Awareness Day, 12th May 2017.  Check out one of the pictures on our blog. If you are interested in helping


12th May 2017 International Awareness Day

Please come along and support us at the big Tesco Extra, Cuckoo Bridge in Dumfries on 12th May, Awareness Day, as we let people know about ME and Fibromyalgia.  We’ll have a desk near the entrance to answer any questions

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April 2017 Facebook Blog

Members of the Network will have a stand in the foyer at Tesco Extra, Cuckoo Bridge, Dumfries on Awareness Day, 12th May 2017 to share information about these illnesses and the Network.  Both blue and purple ribbon pins will be