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October 2017 Facebook Blog

For those of you looking for advice on diet and nutrition, you may wish to attend the 2nd November Monthly Meeting Our AGM on 5th October was not well attended.  Thank you to the 4 members that Craig (Chairperson) contacted by telephone on the day to agree to their proxy vote being used to allow the AGM to meet quorum of 10 members. The following is a summary of relevant article/research links provided this month by Facebook members. Links to all the items are included, just click on the article name, word ‘link’ or ‘article’ to open. Articles / Blogs The Future Learn course, ‘The role of personal assistants in


October 2017 – Easyfundraising and donations monthly update

We are very grateful to all of our members who are helping us in one way or another towards meeting our costs.  Gift Day donations and standing orders, plus Easyfundraising and Gift Aid payments in August and September amounted to £624. Figures for October 2017: Easyfundraising raised £6.74 (funds are transferred quarterly) Gift Day one-off donations – £375 Weekly/Monthly donations, direct payments to bank – £12 Sale of KJ jewellery – £26 Gift Aid via mydonate – £5 Gift Aid claim on other eligible donations yet to be submitted This is the link for Easyfundraising and our cause: link Thank you Paul – DGMEFM Network Treasurer


2nd November 2017 monthly meeting with Nutritionist, Karen Scobie

For the November meeting, Nutritionist, Karen Scobie will be in attendance to give advice on diet and nutrition while allowing those attending the opportunity to share their food experiences. Please come along to meet Karen and share what has worked and any ideas you may have to make things better for your own care and that of others. Tea and coffee will be available, as always.  Please feel free to bring any other drink or a biscuit or snack.  Come for as much or as little of the meeting as you can cope with. The meeting will be held in the Midsteeple in the centre of Dumfries High Street.  Entry


September 2017 Facebook Blog

The 5th October meeting will start with our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  We need a minimum of 10 members to attend for this please. Articles / Blogs Metabolic switch may bring on chronic fatigue syndrome, article .  ‘The team is now conducting a large trial in Norway of the cancer drug rituximab, which destroys the cells that make antibodies, in people with CFS.  Results are expected next year.’ Lady Gaga was taken to hospital in ‘severe pain’ cancelling her Rock In Rio appearance. Shortly afterwards she confirmed she has Fibromyalgia, forcing her to reschedule her European leg of her tour, BBC article.  For those of you with Netflix, her documentary, Gaga:


Members Feedback Questionnaire 2017

We wish to thank all DGMEFM Network members who completed the members feedback questionnaire. Feedback Aims: To be able to target our energy, time and resources on the things that matter most to members; Make informed funding applications; and Speak confidently on members behalf with Health and other organisations about the effect of ME/CFS and FM. Following the cut off date Friday 25th August 2017, we had received 43 completed returns (23 electronically and 20 on paper).  As a thank you for taking the time to complete the feedback, everyone who completed a return was entered into a prize draw. Prize Draw Results: 1st Prize – £50 Brian Conchie 2nd



The AGM will take place on 5th October 2017 in the meeting room at Midsteeple Box Office, Dumfries from 1pm to 2pm. Entry is through the blue Box Office door.  We use the first floor meeting room and there’s full disabled access using the lift (press and hold the button). Agenda: Welcome Chairman’s Report; including approval of Trustee Annual Report Treasurer’s Report; including approval of Audited Annual Accounts and election of Independent Examiner Dissolution & Election of Committee Election of Committee Members Committee Members (minimum of 5, maximum of 15) should be able to communicate either through Facebook or e-mail and be available to attend Committee meetings at least three


August 2017 Facebook Blog

As we enter September there is a definite nip in the air.  If like me you find your body thermostat is wonky, the start of the cold weather will hit you hard, so try and remember to layer up. Thank you to all the members who completed our survey which will help us focus our own depleted energies on the things that you have shared matter to you.  We really do appreciate the time you put in completing this survey as we understand how difficult completing the simplest of tasks can be. The 7th September meeting has the theme of Medications and Supplements.  Come along and share what works for


Members Feedback Questionnaire

Thank you to all the members who have completed their return online or on paper.  Please remember to complete and return by Friday 25th August 2017. Your feedback will help us target our energy, time and resources on the things that matter most to you. Even if you are happy with the current level of support you receive, we would really appreciate hearing from you. If you have misplaced your questionnaire, please email kim@dgmefm.org.uk or admin@dgmefm.org.uk so we can provide the link to complete the online questionnaire.  The questionnaire is for members only, although if you have not joined already you can request this at the same time by providing


July 2017 Facebook Blog

Welcome to August and for registered members, the receipt of our feedback questionnaire which we would be very grateful for members to complete.  Although this has been provided in paper format, completing this online would really help us out as your record would immediately be saved and stored in a secure location. There were lots of interactions this month with members sharing advice, offering suggestions or empathising where Facebook members were struggling. Articles / Blogs The article ‘Even “Minor” Infections Can Cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)’ was shared. The article ‘Biological underpinnings of chronic fatigue syndrome begin to emerge’ was shared. The ME Association article ‘CDC removes CBT and GET


June 2017 Facebook Blog

Welcome to July and the start of School holidays. If you are interested in helping with the creation of the monthly Facebook blog, please email Kim (Secretary) at: kim@dgmefm.org.uk. 😊 Articles / Blogs One of the biggest myths about chronic fatigue syndrome just got destroyed in this article which suggests a faulty cell receptor. Could there be a biomarker for ME/CFS?, check out this article. The article ‘Brit scientist could be about to CURE multiple sclerosis and provide hope for millions’ was shared as potentially could, in time, cure other conditions.  The article explains how they are not using any drugs but instead simply switching on the body’s own systems of