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Dumfries & Galloway ME and Fibromyalgia Network is charity registered in Scotland (No. SC051578) in support of people in Dumfries & Galloway who suffer with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Fibromyalgia (FM) & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).


All people with ME / CFS and FM can reach their full potential; supported and empowered by services and communities that understand, value, and respect them.


To help make this future a reality, DGMEFM Network’s mission is to provide people with ME / CFS and FM with a range of accessible and high-quality information, services and support that help them to effectively self-manage their conditions and achieve their individual goals.

We will work towards this mission by:

  1. Raising awareness and promoting understanding of ME / CFS and FM
  2. Supporting access to a wide range of person-centred clinical and peer-led services and support
  3. Building active participation, skills, and confidence of people with ME / CFS and FM and their allies
  4. Building our organisational capacity to make sure we are the best that we can be.

Here is our full Constitution

Enjoy our 2022/23 Impact Report

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