The 5th October meeting will start with our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  We need a minimum of 10 members to attend for this please.

Articles / Blogs

  • Metabolic switch may bring on chronic fatigue syndrome, article .  ‘The team is now conducting a large trial in Norway of the cancer drug rituximab, which destroys the cells that make antibodies, in people with CFS.  Results are expected next year.’
  • Lady Gaga was taken to hospital in ‘severe pain’ cancelling her Rock In Rio appearance. Shortly afterwards she confirmed she has Fibromyalgia, forcing her to reschedule her European leg of her tour, BBC article.  For those of you with Netflix, her documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two is now available.  The documentary shows Gaga’s determination to do what she loves while suffering from debilitating pain throughout her body.
  • NICE decides to fully update its guideline on ME/CFS, article.  Information on how they came to this decision is available at: link.  Please note Scotland GP’s follow guidance produced by the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN), website.
  • Researchers say Fibromyalgia Patients Should Be Evaluated for PTSD, article.
  • Gabapentinoids (Pregabalin and gabapentin) are set to become controlled drugs, after a spike in the number of related deaths and series of studies warning about the adverse effects of the medication, article.
  • A very interesting personal article to read for those considering or heard about the Lightning Process (LP), article.
  • An article on the experience of a PIP tribunal was shared.
  • As part of an inquiry on PIP and ESA Assessments, the Work and Pensions Committee would like to hear about your experience of claiming PIP or ESA.  The web forum to give your feedback closes on Friday 10 November 2017; available at link.

Members posts

  • The use of pain patches was discussed by members.
  • A member shared the ingredients they used which alleviating their restless leg (combination of peppermint, lavender oil and carrier oil).  Magnesium citrate also provided by another member as an alternative.
  • Amitriptyline, melatonin and diazepam mentioned by members to help insomnia.
  • Following a question about graded exercise, the actionforme pacing leaflet was shared: leaflet.

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Take care and gentle hugs to you all.

September 2017 Facebook Blog

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