The following is a summary of relevant article/research links provided in February by Facebook members.  Links to all the items are included, just click on the article name, word ‘link’ or ‘article’ to open.

Articles / Blogs

Members posts / local support

  • The value of having a Specialist nurse / GP / Consultant was discussed.
  • The newsletter will be being written soon.  Does anyone have anything they’d like included?  Does anyone feel able to write something?  Memes, jokes, pictures, cartoons, light hearted stories are all welcome too.  E-mail:
  • Mindfulness sessions for chronic pain at Georgetown community centre starting March, contact Emily Kennedy on 01387 244517 or Emily.kennedy@ for further information or to apply for a place on this free course.
  • Fitness bands to monitor sleep etc were discussed.
  • Feedback from MSP shared and discussed.
  • DG Voice Public Engagement survey.
  • Unrest update:
  1. On Tuesday 2nd February, Chairman Craig Woods attended the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh for an excerpt showing from Unrest hosted by Ben McPherson MSP and ME Action. Craig shared “14 MSPs attended including Joan McAlpine, Colin Smyth, Emma Harper and Claudia Beamish from our region. The large ME charities were there, plus a scientist. Quite a few sufferers and local group members attended. A question session followed, with the film maker joining in on webcam.”
  2. There will be a public showing of the critically acclaimed Unrest film in the Robert Burns Film Theatre on Tuesday 15th of May at 7pm. There will be refreshments and a discussion afterwards, hosted by DGMEFM Network, with Dr Shepherd joining by Skype for the discussion.   There will be another event aimed at health professionals, politicians and other people, also at the cinema, showing an excerpt of the film, also to be followed by a discussion with Jen Brea joining us by Skype on Friday the 11th.

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