I am not sure if you will agree but for me December and January are always the most physically and mentally challenging months to manage my chronic illness due to the additional festive pressures, increase of bugs/viruses to catch and lack of daylight.  To ensure you don’t miss out on all the great links posted, I have therefore combined the two months.

The following is a summary of relevant article/research links provided over these two months, provided by Facebook members.  Links to all the items are included, just click on the article name, word ‘link’ or ‘article’ to open.

Articles / Blogs

Members posts / local support

  • Our December newsletter was posted to members, also available on our website.
  • The benefits of massage for treatment was discussed.
  • Vitamins, supplements and alternative therapies were discussed.
  • Giving up work and support available was discussed.
  • Used stamps can make money for charities; For example, you can cut round stamps leaving 5-10mm envelope and send to; The ME Association, Freepost RTKX-RZCC-ZSCR, Stromness, Orkney, KW16 3EL
  • One member shared their ‘Christmas miracle’ capability assessment news, one a successful PIP, while another turned up to find their assessment cancelled.
  • A ‘brain fog’ moment resulting in taking the dogs antibiotics was shared – thankfully this person has not grown any whiskers as a result of this mishap.
  • ‘Unrest’ is being shown at Holyrood on 30th January. Now available on Netflix.
  • One of our members is really good at sharing funny and cute pictures to lift everyone’s spirits. It’s difficult to include these due to copyright so wanted to acknowledge the contribution.
  • YouTube video ‘8 Brocades Qigong Practice’ was shared as an option for exercises which could be done seated.

Take care and gentle hugs to you all Kim J (Web Support), E-mail: kim@dgmefm.org.uk. 😊