So Michelle has been on her holidays which means this months (September 2016) Facebook update blog is from your network secretary, Kim.

I am sure you are all pleased to see our September Newsletter, available at;  Thank you everyone who contributed to this edition.  If you have a story about your illness that you feel happy to share, please get in touch by emailing us at;

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What have our members been discussing, including support to them

  • Members discussed how they got tired after eating and how the body uses a lot of energy to digest food which may explain this increased fatigue.
  • The benefits of vitamin B injections was discussed, with one member explaining a slight easing of their limbs, slight energy lift and a marginal benefit to cognitive function.  The member wished to note that others who tried the injections found no benefits.
  • The varying effects of Amitriptyline was discussed.  Amitriptyline is a tricyclic antidepressant which at low doses has been found to be effective to relieve chronic (long-term) pain.  It relaxes muscles and potentially improves sleep that’s being disturbed by pain.
  • Nausea was discussed with members offering advice on medication some were taking that helped and the benefits of ginger by another member, the following link was also provided;  This discussion soon lead to one where members voiced their frustrations at having problems with sleeping and a complete inability to do routine things round the house like cleaning with the added frustration that family members don’t understand the debilitating nature of their illness.  Apparently a cleaning fairy would at least help, an idea I am sure we would all agree with, as long as they were silent as noise is our enemy.  Progressing on from this discussion, a post on CFS as a form of hibernation was shared;
  • The question if it was safe to consume alcohol was raised, with the following link being provided;  Please remember to check with your GP if it is safe to take alcohol if you are on medication and remember we are all different and can be effected by alcohol, which is a toxin, differently.
  • Medical ill health retirement and accessing work pensions was discussed by members, where advice was given to obtain as much evidence as possible in relation to your condition being permanent and that you wouldn’t recover from it.
  • The benefits of acupuncture for relieving back pain was shared by a member with other members sharing how they had limited benefits of acupuncture in the past.
  • Following the article on cannabis, the benefits of CPD vape pens was shared by some members.
  • One member asked if others had tremors and muscle spasms which was identified as a symptom for others.

So that’s it for September, and hello to Autumn and Halloween.  Gentle hugs to you all 🙂

September 2016 Facebook Blog

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2 thoughts on “September 2016 Facebook Blog

  1. Hi Kim this is the first time time I’ve read the blog thanks to your link it just shows how much information and research is out there being done and that at last the sufferers are being listened to.I hope Michelle has had a super holiday and feels the benefit of it.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and comment on it Nancy. Yes there is so much information available and it is really good to have such a great network of people sharing it 🙂

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