A message from the Network secretary:
I am sure you are all pleased to see our December Newsletter, available at; December 2016 Newsletter.  Thank you everyone who contributed to this edition.  If you have a story about your illness that you feel happy to share, please get in touch by emailing us at; admin@dgmefm.org.uk.  Members have all been provided with a small supply of leaflets with this Newsletter in an attempt to spread the word of our existence and to point those newly diagnosed towards the help and support which is available.

November 2016 Facebook Blog from Network Member Michelle:
The winter is certainly with us and we are all dealing with the effects that comes with it.  The big man in the red suite is also coming ever so fast.  As usual the Facebook page has been a height of activity.  Here is a summary off the activity in the group.

Articles / Blogs
Here is a few links to sites that people have added for some great reading:

What have our members been discussing, including support to them
There have been many topics discussed, from how the winter has affected a persons health to new members joining Facebook.  Someone spoke about the signs of Hypothyroidism and the testing of it.

We have a Christmas meal organised on the 11th December 12.30pm at “The Swan”,  why not add yourself to the group and find out more.

Well I hope everyone has a good Christmas what ever you do.  Much love from Michelle <3<3