Well 2017 has arrived!  Hopefully everyone has had a good start to the year and not to traumatic time health wise.  This time of year can be tricky for our type of illness.  The Facebook page is a good way of seeking support but also providing support, also sharing information.  On the Facebook page there has been some useful links that members have kindly added to the page.

Articles / Blogs:
Here are some links that have been added, hopefully you will find them as useful as I have:

What have our members been discussing, including support to them
There have many many topics talked about:

  • Some members have been worrying about their health and been receiving reassurance.
  • There was someone seeking advice on a P.I.P issue.
  • There was a warning of a bank scam, someone calling and saying they were from BT (not someone from BT) were asked to download an app free they were then phoned again by not BT and asked to pay £20 to further improve there internet.  When the person contacted there bank they found out there were plans to empty there account.  Just a little heads up for people to be aware of.
  • There was also notification of an exhibition of textile art and Lino printing at Livingston’s Workshop Gallery, King St, Castle Douglas from Monday 16th January to Monday 13th February 2017.

Hopefully this has been a a good month for all.

Michelle xx