I am sure you are all pleased to see our March Newsletter, available at; March 2017 Newsletter.  Thank you everyone who contributed to this edition.  If you have a story about your illness that you feel happy to share, please get in touch by emailing us at; admin@dgmefm.org.uk.

2nd March 2017 Midsteeple Meeting:
This meeting will be a chaired discussion themed on ‘what has helped me’.  Please come along prepared to talk about at least one thing which has helped you cope with your symptoms.  It could be useful to bring a pen and pad to note down anything which may have helped others which you hadn’t thought of yourself.

February 2017  Facebook Summary

Articles / Blogs

  • D&G LGBT plus is hosting a Health, Care and Wellbeing event on Saturday 25th March 2017 in Dumfries, further information and how to book a place is available at: Link
  • CFS, also known as ME, may be caused by the body switching from fully breaking down carbohydrates to using other energy sources, bringing on pain and exhaustion.  The paper ‘Metabolic switch may bring on chronic fatigue syndrome’ is available at: Link
  • Inflammation Test Could be Tailor-Made for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Are the Mitochondria To Blame?, paper available at: Link
  • News from Australia that the cause of ME and CFS found is a dysfunctional cell receptor in the immune system, brief information available at: Link
  • Australian researchers report CFS is linked to a faulty cell receptor in immune cells, paper available at: Link
  • A paper on Genes, Mitochondria, Autoimmunity and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is available at: Link
  • Patients suffering from fibromyalgia may soon be able to find relief with a simple cannabis pain patch, information is available at: Link

What have our members been discussing, including support to them:

  • A number of new members have joined the Facebook group, welcome all 🙂
  • How lonely the condition makes members feel, not to mention how it reduces members confidence.  This was a popular topic, with members describing agoraphobia and panic attacks.
  • Blood results and the benefits of B12 – This is a regular topic discussed by members on Facebook.
  • Branding changes for medication was discussed.  If you have any concerns, your pharmacist or GP will be able to answer your questions.
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – This is a regular topic discussed by members on Facebook.
  • Excessive sweating, night sweats and body temperature irregularities was also a popular topic this month.
February 2017 Facebook Blog

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