Well spring has finally sprung when the clocks went forward on the 25th of March.  Hopefully the weather will get better and we will all feel a little better.  I myself am feeling a little better so I hope everyone will to.  We have had some new members to the Facebook page and I would like the opportunity to welcome you to the group.  As usual we have had a few articles and websites added by the group to keep us informed of what is happening else where in the world.  I’m going to list these and I hope you will find them as useful as I have.

Useful Websites and Articles / Blogs

What have our members been discussing, including support to them:

As I said at the beginning there are some new members to the group on Facebook.  It is great seeing new people introducing themselves.

  • Someone asked if we could set up a standing order from the bank to gift a small amount of money monthly to help with the cost of running things in the charity.  Cost to send out news letters which involve such things like paper, printer ink and the cost to send, There is no pressure to do this.
  • Someone spoke about the effects of amatriptaline and the affects on sleep.  I think a lot of us understand the feelings of not sleeping and how it makes us feel.  This person was asking how others cope with it.
  • Someone mentioned that Gala Bingo clubs Dumfries are looking for charities to help. It would be amazing if they could help us.  A big thanks to the person that mentioned it.
  • Thanks to the person that added a picture of their garden.  I have to admit your garden looks amazing in the sunshine.
  • Someone was seeking advice on Vitamin b12 injections and the trouble they have been having with injection.  I really hope this works out for the best.

Well that’s it for March.  Next month will be time for the Easter bunny and new flowers springing up well hopefully.  Please don’t forget we meet at the midsteple in Dumfries on the 1st of the month.  And the link to the Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/dgmefm/  There are lots of lovely people to talk to for advice or a chat or for information.
Bye for now,
Michelle x