A big thank you to the Network members who brought awareness to shoppers visiting Tesco Extra, Cuckoo Bridge, Dumfries on Awareness Day, 12th May 2017.  Check out one of the pictures on our blog.

If you are interested in helping with the creation of the monthly Facebook blog, please email Kim (Secretary) at: kim@dgmefm.org.uk

Articles / Blogs

  • How to tell if it’s Fibromyalgia or Multiple Sclerosis is available at link.
  • Stereotyping still prevents ME from being taken seriously is available at link.
  • Kay Adams revisited ME on her show on Awareness day, see link.
  • Reduced cardiac volumes in chronic fatigue syndrome associate with plasma volume but not length of disease: a cohort study is available at link.
  • ME research call backed by MSPS is available at link.
  • Differentiating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is available at link.
  • Fibromyalgia Neuroinflammation Study is available at link.
  • Chronic lower back pain management article available at link.
  • University of Toronto offers hope for suffers of chronic fatigue syndrome, article available at link.

What have our members been discussing, including support to them

  • Tramadol and it’s side effects was discussed.
  • Welcome to our new members .  It is really nice to note that we welcomed some new Facebook members following the awareness day.  If you are new to Facebook, please consider joining as a full member, details on how to join are available at link.  It costs nothing to be a member and you get our regular newsletters.
  • Members have been sharing what medications and support mechanism they are on or have tried and where these have been found to be beneficial or not.  What is obvious is the variety of treatments, which in part may be due to the multi facetted nature of these conditions.  Affecting people differently, with a variety of symptoms, I am sure we are a GPs worst nightmare at times.  I am sure not one of you would disagree that these conditions are our worst nightmare and that we would happily not have them.
  • Thanks to one of our members for the heads up that the TV programme “Doctor in the house” scheduled for Monday 5th June, BBC1 at 9pm is about Fibromyalgia and ME.

How Members can help

The Network Committee are currently working on a members feedback questionnaire to be sent out over the Summer.

Feedback aims are:

  • To be able to target our energy, time and resources on the things that matter most to you;
  • Make informed funding applications; and
  • Speak confidently on members behalf with Health and other organisations about the effect of ME/CFS and FM.

What matters to you, matters to us so completion and return of this feedback questionnaire will help the Network Committee focus their limited resources where it matters.

Take care, and for those of you that like the sun, enjoy the good weather we have been having lately ☀️.  For those of you who don’t like the sun, as I am sure I am not alone, gentle hugs.