Helpful contacts during Covid-19:

For Info: Emergency Numbers for GAS, ELECTRIC and WATER

Scottish Welfare Fund

Morrisons – Food Boxes

DGRESILIENCE – Search for Help


As everyone will be aware we are still in lockdown.  The NHS and others are doing an unbelievable job in looking after us and making sure there is food on the shelves. No doubt you have seen all the posts/ new groups of people coming together on Facebook etc to help the less-able and others with Disabilities / conditions which put us at risk.                                 We would be interested to hear of your experiences so far, the good, bad and extraordinary things that have happened in the last month of lockdown.   Also if you have discovered a new creative outlet for all your energy, please let us know. Or anything at all that will raise a smile amongst our membership.

One success so far has been the amount of members who have taken advantage of our new Social Page. A page less restrictive than the normal Network Page, where people can post images, stories and jokes that will raise a smile with everyone else.

Social Cafe by DGMEFM – Link

If you have any ideas on what we could do with our first group meeting after this is all over – send us a post on Facebook. Do you fancy coffee and a cake,  picnic somewhere, meet up in Cafe for some lunch. Please let us know.

Dates for your Diary:

Until further notice we are holding a virtual meeting every Thursday from 2pm. You will need to set up ZOOM onto your device. If you are not sure of anything relating to the setting up, access or requesting of the password, please post message on Facebook and we will assist as best we can. 

The link for each weeks meeting will appear on Facebook usually the day before. Click on the link and follow the instructions.

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Well everyone thats` it for another month. Please stay safe and hopefully we will be allowed out to play once more.