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Over the past month or so Fibromyalgia UK have had many posts from  regarding various products containing CBD including patches, spray and topical creams . So I decided to order some patches and other products. 

The reason is that previously I had tried CBD drops and CBD coffee from another supplier. It is the patches which interests me the most, 24hr slow release. Other members of the group have also purchased products. Below are some of the posts from the Networks Facebook Page.

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John Bell:

Well I’ve just ordered 20 patches, a topical cream and a spray. Have seen it advertised through the Fibromyalgia UK Facebook page.
Anybody else tried any of these products?

Eileen Longworth:

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia/CFS for 10 years now and think I’ve tried every option of medication or therapy available on the NHS. I’ve tried CBD oil drops before (they tasted atrocious) but haven’t stuck with them. Also tried the vape option, again mot a fan.
I came across the Cannacares products through John Bell on the fb page. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss with the sample pack option.
I got 4 patches, 10 tablets, a wee bottle of CBD drops, chocolate flavour, and a tube of CBD/Magnesium ointment.
I tried a patch which stays in place for 24 hours, and although there was definitely a feeling of taking the edge off by morning I had to give in and take some of my usual painkillers. I think I would probably use the patches again if I have a busy day as it will add to the painkillers I normally take whilst being a natural product. I try to go swimming on a regular basis so the patches would not be good for me every day.
I have a particularly sore trigger point on the right side of my chest which goes through to my shoulder blade, often like a hot poker. The ointment has been more of a success on this particular area. I massaged some on both areas and the pain definitely eased, remaining almost undetectable for half a day. That is if I touched it there was soreness but not otherwise.
I have used some of the ointment again today as I had collarbone pain when I woke up. Again it has eased the pain significantly.
So far I will certainly buy this ointment again.
Further info on the tablets and drops to come later.

Irene Goodrum:

****update**** well after experiencing the not quite right arm with my first patch. I changed arms yesterday…and had the same feeling in that arm…. a kind of heavy ness and pre achy! I get so many weird and hard to explain feelings in my body… I’m sure that resonates!…. I’ve also experienced a dull headache and a funny taste in my mouth and last night I was awoken with extremely painful cramp in my legs…. not usually in among the myriad of symptoms I get….. I have however had a couple of busy days for me, so hard to say
If it’s a coincidence…….however, my general achy ness is better…. so I plan to stick with the patches.

John Bell:                                                                         

It’s not going to be a replacement for my pain medication but it does take the edge off. I’ve had a really painful shoulder since March and I’ve had Kore treatment to try and help it. But the CBD patches are the only thing that has reduced the pain in months. I’ve only used 2 patches so far and really don’t feel the need for another today. I’ve got my spray and topical cream to use if needed today. My mental health is better after starting the CBD. I get highly stressed and anxious a lot of the time but it really helps to settle me down and chill. The brain fog clears a bit also which does help. I’ll take 1 spray of the CBD under the tongue before bed and it really helps to get a more relaxed sleep. I still wake during the night but find it easier to fall back to sleep.
On the results so far I’ll definitely continue with the patches and the spray. Still have the cream to try but once again I’ll keep you posted on the results.
The patches for me are a great idea, just stick it on and forget for 24hrs as at times I forget to take my daily medication.

Group Member:

I’m on day 4 of the patches don’t think they are strong enough to help my pain i put them near my belly button as they say for CBD its the best place for full absorption don’t think I’ll be buying again as felt zero relief, kinda disappointed.

Gill Korszanski:

Hi, did my own research and decided to give the patches a go. Day one, no noticeable change. Day two, no noticeable pain relief but I had a reasonable nights sleep which was my real hope. Day three another good night. I am wondering if in fact they are helping with pain at night as it is pain that keeps me awake or wakes me. If they are helping sleep that in turn seems to help with everything else. I will order more and keep you updated. I have fibro and multiple osteoarthritis. Pleased I saw the post. Thank you.

Irene Goodrum:

Day 4 here……day 3 I put on the same arm as day 2……still had the heaviness not quite right feeling, so today I’ve moved to my left wrist. I had a muscle biopsy on my upper left arm years ago….the heaviness and not feeling right is worse on this arm… I think I’ll be avoiding this arm in future. I haven’t changed my regular medications at all and don’t feel as achy as I usually do, so I’m hoping in time to reduce the regular pain meds. Side effects……unpleasant but not unbearable taste in my mouth….someone I know who smokes the real deal, says this along with dry mouth is common with traditional users. I still have a dull headache, but I’m now on catch-up after two busy days….so maybe a coincidence….I’m very sensitive to medications in general, so I’m considering try a half patch after a week…..see how it compares…..the patches lend themselves to being cut in half….
I don’t suffer from anxiety, so can’t comment on that….but I am overweight and graze on too much crap, so a good side effect is, my appetite has been suppressed whoop whoop…..I’ll keep you posted on that one!

We’ll continue this thread for a while yet and lets see what happens.

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