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Peter Todd Twitter post: “I have today sent @NICEComms a letter before claim under the judicial review pre-action protocol regarding its decision of 17th August 2021 to pause publication of its updated guidelines on the diagnosis and management of ME/CFS #publishthatguideline          


Long Covid: ‘Hyperbaric chamber treatment transformed my life’


Is this what’s behind long Covid? Sufferers have ‘micro blood clots’ that may stop oxygen flowing around the body properly


Physios for ME survey on heart rate monitoring in ME/CFS


Understanding the Pathology of ME/CFS’ – Factsheet[0]=AT1vo7HxK2t3WvWWjIuwPkm69VFBullfivXKZ9ugHlAf29uHF9J-SDfif13RckdKyPolORsuIof0n421_Zhm2hM7OWPI6jIMybq7rL9KnjfZBxdGDBuJ2u01WKqWD4MVu4GTDujz2dT4xEUoSAMJAKLDT8V0kTKU8_sh6RTnA9T6J_0–LxdFgKfcEsRejM7x5YU2u5EA6jtFzB1F7KwEVAWZIxGSzXWQ738aMQqJ0w


ME patient goes to court in row over exercise therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome


In Dutch: Genezen van langdurige COVID dankzij medicijn dat autoantilichamen neutraliseert. Hoop voor ME/cvs?


Warm home discount 2021: How to apply for the £140 scheme, who can get it and when it is paid


What “Phantom Nasal Congestion” May Tell Us About ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia


This Week in Virology 816: Long COVID and ME/CFS with David Tuller


Chronic fatigue patients insist ‘cruel’ exercise therapy should be banished, while doctors claim it is one of the few things that works… so who is right?


Contrast showers


Update on 2021 Flu Vaccine and 3rd COVID-19 ‘booster’ Vaccine for people with ME/CFS


NICE pause publication of new ME/CFS guideline


Trial By Error: Advocates Issue Hopeful Comments After NICE Pow-Wow on ME/CFS Guideline


NICE announces next steps for publication of its guideline on ME/CFS


Joint Hypermobility and Fibromyalgia


IACFS/ME Conference – Dr Hector Bonilla on “Case Presentation: Treating ME/CFS with Aripiprazole”


New Treatment Guideline, Same Old Denialism


Jonathan Ross reveals daughter has ‘debilitating’ condition as he cancels annual Halloween party


Free New Winter Vaccines Leaflet: Flu, Pneumonia, and Covid-19 Booster


DGMEFM Network – Survey for Support Agencies


Study Shows That Fibromyalgia is a Post-infectious Disease Too


Chronic fatigue syndrome advice scraps exercise therapy


2nd November – Long-Covid, Fibro. & M.E. – The Overlaps in Patient Care? Dr Joseph McVeigh


NICE have now published the final version of the new guideline.


NICE publishes new guideline for “ME/CFS” [updated]


Invest in ME Research Statement


Medical leaders sign joint statement in response to NICE guidance on ME/CFS


The new NICE Guideline for ME/CFS: Ten Questions Answered


RHEUmatic and musculoskeletal conditions: geographical MApping of Prevalence and outcomeS (RHEUMAPS)