For those of you who don’t use Facebook. Below is a list of the external links shared within our Facebook Group during December:


Nearly half of all long COVID patients may have chronic fatigue syndrome


A Conversation about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis with Dr. Nina Muirhead


A UK-wide singing group for people with ME/CFS, fibromyalgia and long covid!


BBC Science: Nearly half of all Long Covid patients may have ME/CFS


In Long COVID, CPET Finds Abnormalities Other Tests Don’t


Text-message lobbying of senior NICE staff by individuals at NHS England and the Royal College of Psychiatrists in days before ME/CFS guideline pause


COVID-19 and chronic fatigue syndrome: An endocrine perspective


“Straining for Energy”- Large Metabolic Study Suggests ME/CFS is an “Immunometabolic” Disease


Learn about M.E. Episode 3 – Learn About ME and new NICE Guideline


Self-Isolation Support Grant (£500) What the grant is


What Is Toxic Positivity?


Woman’s Hour – Under pressure – Fibromyalgia – approx. 35 mins


Fibromyalgia and Holiday Depression


Dialogues for a neglected illness – or Dialogues for ME/CFS – has been made with an award from the Wellcome Public Engagement Fund – 2018/2021


The rise and fall of CBT/GET


Fibromyalgia At Christmas


‘I wanted to end it’: Mayor of Northampton opens up about living with fibromyalgia and setting up support group


ME Awareness: New CPD Training Course for Medical Professionals about ME/CFS | 12 May 2020


Clogged Pipes and Micro Clots: Are ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Long COVID Endothelial Cell Diseases?


Draft framework for pain management service delivery


Blog… last!


Dr. Anthony Fauci Lists 7 Signs of Long COVID


Long-COVID Struggles: When Everything Smells Rotten


Women’s health ambassador appointment to improve care


Could glial cells be responsible for the ‘silent epidemic’ of chronic pain?


Should Long-COVID Disability Be Treated Like HIV/AIDS? Researchers Say Yes


Berlin Cures…? Could BC 007 Help With Long COVID and ME/CFS?