For those of you who don’t use Facebook. Below is a list of the external links shared within our Facebook Group during March:



Dr Elisabeth Philipps in Conversation With Patients – In the first educational webinar for the Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education, Dr Elisabeth Philipps welcomes two medical cannabis patients who share their experience of living with chronic pain and ADHD.



The Puzzling Virus That Infects Almost Everyone


Support 4 Life Leaflet from Dumfries and Galloway Citizens Advice Service


ME/CFS Metabolomic Study Points to a Potential Cause of Mitochondrial Dysfunction


The Self-Management Toolkit – A selection of tools to help you along the way


Community organisations celebrate almost £2.5m in grant awards


Dumfries & Galloway’s First Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Is Now In Dumfries


Self-Management Navigator Tool


Multi-omics Study Links Poor Sleep to Deficient Gut Bacteria in ME/CFS


Neck Traction, Neck Pillow, Neck Support, Neck Relaxer, portable cervical traction pillow, ergonomic traction neck support pillow for neck pain relief


DecodeME testing phase has launched!


Lifelong disabilities will not face benefit tests


Cost of Living Payment


Adult Disability Payment


Happilele Lessons – Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival


Can we vaccinate against Epstein-Barr, the virus you didn’t know you had?


#MEAction Long COVID-19 Group


The diagnosis of fibromyalgia syndrome – UK clinical guidelines


Tonix Launches Decisive Fibromyalgia Treatment Trial Plus Big Year for Fibromyalgia Drugs?


Dumfries & Galloway Homeopathy is a new clinic offering FREE appointments, so why not find out if homeopathy could help you?


Fibromyalgia Action Support Group


TikTik: trugrace.mua – My physical representation of chronic illness


Drugmakers, scientists begin the hunt for long COVID treatments


Twitter: @BBCMorningLive – Five tips for managing #BrainFog with @DrRanj