I hope you are all over the Halloween activities of yesterday. To be honest I just put a bowl of sweets on my doorstep and let the kids help themselves. Certainly saves getting up and down to the door for hours!

Surely the best part of Halloween being over is that we can all put the Christmas trees up now, can’t we?? 😄🤣🤣


Being a bit more serious,  I had my two vaccinations last Friday. Flu in the left arm, covid in the right. Interesting that they tell you which is which. As it happens I wish I’d had covid in the left arm….

oh emm gee! it was so sore! Initially I thought I had got away with side effects until I went to bed. Lying on my right arm was not a possibility.  In the morning it was also so heavy and awkward. I’d developed the headache from hell as well. Right across my eyebrows. I got that with the last booster too.  So all in all I had a pretty bleurgh weekend. I’ve had the flu vaccinations for many years as I have chronic asthma, so I didn’t expect any side effects from that.


Recently I’ve had a cold, probably a virus that turned into a bacterial chest infection.  So the usual antibiotics and steroids were prescribed.  I’ve not had a cold for so long, I can’t remember the last time.  Not sure if it’s our social distancing habits that are the reason behind that. I do know though that I got it at the hospital! Typical really, a visit to the Respiratory Department and I come home with a cold. Lol…

My grandson is growing fast, he’s 7 months already. On Friday I’m going down to stay with my daughter and family for the weekend.  She said I need to practice lifting weights as the boy is so heavy now. He’s such a smiley happy wee chap, I can’t wait for Granny cuddles.

Today I’m experimenting with a recipe. All this hype about fermented foods being good for gut bacteria I thought I’d get on the bandwagon.

So I have half a red cabbage chopped and soaking in salt as we speak. Then I have to rinse the salt off it, add chopped carrots, chillies and some spices, and leave for a while to ferment. I have been reminded to burp the jar regularly otherwise there could be partially fermented kimchi pebble dashed all over the kitchen!

Watch this space….lol

I made some pickled green tomatoes from the glut I had in September.  The plants did well in the greenhouse but sadly there was just not enough sunshine.  They are very tasty, lovely with a good strong cheese.

So I’ll leave this chat for now and get on with Christmas present making. I’ve rediscovered crochet, so if it isn’t nailed down it’s getting yarnbombed! 

Bye for now,

Eileen x