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posticon August 2020 Facebook Blog.

Updated on date

August Birth Flower:

August Birth Stone:


Local & Group News:

Notice of AGM We will hold our AGM on Thursday, 15th October at 2pm.We will not be able to hold it in person due to Covid-19 so this will be conducted online by Zoom. See the September Newsletter page2 (paper …

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posticon July 2020 Facebook Blog.

Updated on date

July Birth Flower:

July Birth Stone:

But we also have:

Onyx is a traditional birthstone for July, and is the ancient July birthstone going back to the old Roman, Italian and Hebrew calendar. Before the gemstone materialized in these ancient calendars as the birthstone of July, onyx was the main …

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posticon May 2020 Facebook Blog.

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Well thats another month of lockdown gone. At least now we have a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully the new measures will bring back some form of normality into our lifes. Still a long way off from a coffee and cake with friends but that …

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posticon March 2020 Facebook Blog.

Updated on date


Well what a change in a month from our last blog. Below you will find posts from our Facebook page regarding the Coronavirus and thats as far as I will go with it. I think we have seen and heard enough without drowning the blog with more information.


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posticon February 2020 Facebook Blog.

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Here are some facts from history for the day of February 29th.

1692: Salem Witch Trials                                           

First people are accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts .

1712: Swedish Calender

February 29 is followed by February 30 in Sweden, in a move to abolish the Swedish Calendar.

1868: Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin …

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posticon January 2020 Facebook Blog.

Updated on date


January Birth Flower – Carnation. Devotion,Loyalty and Love.


January Birth Stone – Garnet. Believed to bring the wearer good health, wealth and happiness.


January Named After Janus

The month of January is named after the Roman god of doors, Janus, because this month is the door into the new year. …

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posticon December 2019 Facebook Blog.

Updated on date

                              Craig Woods – Castle Loch, Lochmaben

                 John Bell – Site of Original Dumfries College, Heathhall

                               Paul Thompson – Dalbeattie Forest.

Well, here we are once again, about to start another year and a new decade. We can only wonder what the future holds for all us ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia sufferers.  …

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posticon November 2019 Facebook Blog

Posted on date

So here it is, Merry Xmas. Everybody`s having fun. Look to the future now. It`s only just begun.

On a serious note this can also be a very difficult and painful time for all  sufferers. If you have any experiences or tips you`d like to share just add it …

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